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App that plans a personalized trip in seconds, helps you meet travel buddies and here to

be your personal travel guide on any

location in the world.

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"Easy Trip" is a travel app that quickly creates a customized route for you, guides you on the way, and helps you connect whit fellow travelers.

The idea came to my head while traveling with my family in Prague.

Subsequent to my family trip and the challenging route planning experiences I had, I decided to appeal to an audience that mostly travels alone. I also traveled alone in the past and the pain points I experienced are common to many solo travelers.


  •  Although I traveled with my family, my research and project focus on nomadic travelers. While they undoubtedly enjoy their journeys, They often face difficulties when seeking to find suitable travel partners.                   

  • Planing a route for me and my family throughout our trip was a time-consuming task.


The solution I chose to focus on in this project is finding a suitable person for a personalized trip that suits both partners.

User Personas

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Main inspiration 

These amazing apps inspired me to create my own app. I took advantage of their special features to make my concept unique. By doing thorough research and using the great abilities of these apps, I developed products that meet the needs and wants of today's users.

The main inspiration I drew from Google Maps is their utilization of high-quality navigation methods and displays.

I drew inspiration from TripAdvisor in terms of how they present information about travel destinations, along with other essential features and ideas. These elements greatly assisted me in formulating the overall design concept.

I found inspiration in "wishtrip" travel photography concept and drew lessons from their UX to understand and improve upon their lack of success

I drew inspiration from Tinder regarding user matching and the importance of building a well-crafted profile.

User flow

user flow.png

Log in screens

Onboarding process

During the onboarding process, I focused on understanding the user's travel preferences such as :

Age and gender


Trip interests

Food allergies

food preferences

Profile setup

Each of them is an index that helps in finding a suitable travel partner.

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Home screen

The three main call to action buttons that appear on the home screen are the most important.

Go on a custom solo trip

Search for other travelers to travel with for a customized trip

add more partners, and make a group trip that is customized for the entire group.

option trip.png

Meet Travelers

Search for a single traveler or join an existing group for a trip

meet travelers 1.png
meet travelers 2.png

User profile

Clicking the image on the search screen, opens their personal profile page, which includes various details to help determine if they are a suitable travel partner for the user's upcoming trip

EASY TRIP profile.png

Chat page

After a brief chat with the selected profile, users can choose an initial meeting place that suits their location and shared interests using the Suggest a Meeting Place button:

chat bar 2.png

This will allow them to get to know each other a bit before starting their trip together.

Trip together screen

When clicking on the "Trip together now" button in the selected user's profile, users will be directed to a trip selection screen with several options that can be customized to the preferences of both parties.

Trip together screen 3.png

Navigation screen during the trip

Navigation screen 1.png
Navigation screen 2.png

Arrive at a destination on their trip

A menu opens that provides information about the area, including an AR component that simulates a tour guide experience.

This allows users to learn about the place they are visiting in a more immersive and interactive way. Additionally, the app enables users to conveniently purchase entrance tickets to the site

directly through the application.

End of the trip

At the end of the trip, users can rate their overall experience and provide specific reviews of the places they visited. This helps to improve the accuracy of future trips and ensures that users have the best possible experience.

Navigation screen 6.png

App Design

The color "green" represents nature and the environment, symbolizing growth, renewal, refreshment, health, and youth. These associations are also found in global travels and nature.

The secondary color is a light blue resembling the sky, aiming to provide a soothing shade that complements the green without being overly attention-grabbing.

app desing.png

Thanks for viewing my project!

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