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April 2023 - Present

Apiiz Platform - Description

It's time for the field of billboard advertising to step boldly into the digital future, connecting advertisers and billboard companies like never before.

About the poject


Our “Why?”

Our project was born out of a dual market demand. On one hand, there's a growing need for practical work experience, especially for aspiring professionals in design, development, product management, and quality assurance testing. However, this need is met with a shortage of companies willing to hire junior talent, creating a significant gap in these roles' integration into the high-tech industry.

Through our project, we provide a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience, both individually and as part of a team, closely simulating real-world employment dynamics.

Our operational style and organizational structure mirror that of a young startup or a small product company. Essentially, our project equips participants with the readiness they need to enter the job market successfully.

How It All Started?

Picture this..

One Facebook message, loads of likes, shares, and Buzz!

That's how our wild ride started!

We sifted through screens and took countless calls to form our epic team.

But here's where it gets even cooler.

We teamed up with awesome mentors who've got our backs.Originally, we planned for a short run, just six weeks. But guess what?

We loved it so much that we decided to keep going because why not aim for the stars?


So get ready to hop on The Mysterious App Project ride, where Apiiz marks the start of our amazing journey

Our Goals

At Apiiz, our project's main goal is to create a learning experience that feels just like working in a real startup.

We're all about developing practical skills that mimic the professional world from our way of thinking to our work methods, including important stuff like Design System, PRDs, information architecture and so on.


It's not just about individual growth, we're also working in teamwork. We're improving our skills within our teams - like designers with designers, developers with developers, and across teams - bringing designers and product managers, developers and QA, and more together.

It's all part of crafting a smooth and comfy Work System that helps us grow personally and professionally.

Our Teams

Design Team

Ellipse 2.png

Dan Bouzaglo

Project Coordinator |

Design Team Lead

“All In One Dan”

Mask group-3.png

Yael Mordehai

Product Designer

“Cheerful Design Teammate”

Mask group-1.png

Itay Habert

Product Designer

“Passionate Design Innovator”

Mask group.png

Saray Asaf

Product Designer

“Making UI a Playful Experience”

Mask group-2.png

Gal Peleg

Product Designer

“Creativity without Limits”

Developers Team

Mask group-1.png

Bar Firuan

Dev Team Lead

“Always Coding with a Smile”

Mask group-3.png

Tommy Ashkenazi

Software engineer

“Endless Coding Ambition”

Mask group-2.png

Maor Meir Hajaj

Senior Flutter Developer

“The Funny, Wise Developer”

Product Team

Mask group-4.png

Ella Griner

Product Team Lead

“A Laser-Focused Leader”

Mask group-6.png

Noam Ben David

Product Manager

“A Creative Spark of Joy”

Mask group-5.png

Netanel Benishai

Senior Product Manager

“Innovative Thinker”

QA Team

Mask group.png

Ariel Lazrian

Manual QA Tester

“Hard Questions Master”

Our Mentors

Mask group.png

Nitzan Avituv

Owner & CEO at UXpert


Mask group-4.png

Roni Lorentz

Product Designer


Mask group-1.png

Nadav Hutzler

Product Design Team Lead


Mask group-2.png

Ori Ben Yishay

Product Designer at Fiverr


Mask group-3.png

Uri Lifshitz

CEO at Optare Consulting

Optare & Product Experts

UX Process

Project Breakdown


Market Analysis and Outdoor Advertising Qualitative Data Interviews

Our project was born out of a dual market demand.

On one hand, there's a growing need for practical work experience, especially for aspiring professionals in design, development, product management, and quality assurance testing.

However, this need is met with a shortage of companies willing to hire junior talent, creating a significant gap in these roles' integration into the high-tech industry.

Through our project, we provide a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience, both individually and as part of a team, closely simulating real-world employment dynamics.

Our operational style and organizational structure mirror that of a young startup or a small product company.

Essentially, our project equips participants with the readiness they need to enter the job market successfully.

Understanding Of The Key Outdoor Advertising Roles

Our research revealed distinct roles within the physical advertising market.

We identified three key players:


  1. companies seeking to advertise.

  2. those specializing in selling advertising real estate spaces for outdoor signage.

  3. and advertising agencies acting as intermediaries.

By understanding these dynamics, we gained valuable insights into each segment's diverse needs and pain points.

Additionally, our market analysis allowed us to identify competitors and potential collaborators, positioning us to offer a unique and tailored solution within this multifaceted industry.

Tailoring for Varied Preferences

Furthermore, our research unveiled a striking disparity in the outdoor advertising landscape.

We observed that both small and large companies engage in outdoor billboard advertising, but the divergence lies in several crucial factors.

These disparities encompass the location of advertisements, the variety of sign types employed, and the campaign-specific attributes.

Differences are noticeable in terms of sign dimensions, the number of signs within each campaign, advertising timeframes, and geographical coverage.


Understanding these variations in the preferences and strategies of advertisers allowed us to tailor our platform to accommodate the diverse needs of businesses across the spectrum.

Our Mission Statement

At Apiiz, we're the matchmakers of the billboard world, our innovative digital platform is a technological bridge that connects between business owners and outdoor billboard companies worldwide, making billboard campaigns as easy as a click.

Whether it's those towering road billboards, charming neighborhood displays, gym posters, bus ads, or even those high-flying zeppelins – our mission is to transform the dynamic world of signs, making it not only simple but also incredibly exciting and accessible for everyone!

Pain Points

  • Lack of Global Reach - Businesses often struggle to find signage companies with the right expertise and capabilities globally, resulting in limitations for international campaigns.

  • Time-Consuming Process - Coordinating with multiple signage vendors and managing the campaign logistics can be incredibly time-consuming and prone to errors.

  • Diverse Quality Standards - Signage campaigns often suffer from varying quality standards when dealing with multiple vendors, making it challenging to achieve a consistent level of quality.

  • Missed Advertising Opportunities - The core problem encompasses two components, billboard campaigns miss out on revenue-boosting opportunities, while business owners lose the chance to secure prime advertising spaces at discounted rates at the last minute, leading to unused ad spaces and missed marketing prospects.

  • High Costs and Lack of Knowledge - Traditional signage campaigns can pose a financial challenge for small and medium-sized businesses. Additionally, these businesses often face a lack of familiarity with physical signage advertising methods, compounding their advertising difficulties.

User Classifications

Our platform, similar to trading platforms like eBay, AliExpress,, and Airbnb, accommodates two distinct user types: buyers & sellers.

Buyers primarily focus on discovering and purchasing products or services, engaging with marketing and advertising content as they seek suitable offerings.

Sellers play a pivotal role in listing their products or services and concentrate on marketing efforts to attract potential buyers.

These users encounter distinct interfaces and approaches, reflecting their unique objectives and interactions.


Buyers navigate the platform with a focus on product selection, while sellers actively manage listings and engage in marketing endeavors to connect with their target audience.

User Needs - Seller

  • Global Outreach - Reaching a global customer base, connecting with potential clients from all over the world.

  • Revenue and Retention - Achieve higher sales while nurturing existing and new customer relationships.

  • Streamline Operations - Simplify and expedite the sales process for efficient transactions.

  • Ease of Use - Require a user-friendly platform for easy customer engagement.

  • Prompt Sales - Secure sales quickly and efficiently to boost revenue.

User Needs - Buyer

  • Cost-Effective Advertising - Find advertising opportunities that maximize their budget.

  • Revenue and Retention - Achieve higher sales while nurturing existing and new customer relationships.

  • Time Efficiency - Minimize time and effort spent on campaign creation.

  • Successful Outcomes - Achieve a successful advertising campaign outcome.

  • Ease of Use - Seek a user friendly platform for hassle-free campaign management.

  • Expertise Deficit - Dealing with knowledge gap to improve effective advertising campaigns.



  • Global Signage Network - Apiiz offers access to a global network of reputable signage companies, allowing businesses to find the right partners for their campaigns anywhere in the world.

  • Efficient Campaign Management - Apiiz simplifies the campaign management process by providing a centralized platform for communication, data analysis, and logistics management.

  • Advertising Gaps and Revenue Loss - Effectively mitigates revenue losses caused by frequent signage time changes. We accomplish this by strategically filling these gaps with well-timed, budget-friendly promotions, ensuring consistent revenue streams and long-term success for our clients.

  • Quality Alignment - Apiiz tailors billboard solutions to individual user needs, ensuring that businesses select signs that perfectly match their style and requirements. This personalized approach guarantees a consistent quality throughout their campaigns.

  • Cost Efficiency - Apiiz optimizes the purchasing process, reducing costs by leveraging the platform's network and negotiation capabilities.


Business Model

Our business model draws inspiration from successful platforms like Fiverr, Airbnb, and Booking, which operate on commission-based models.

In these examples, Fiverr charges freelancers a fee for each transaction, Airbnb charges hosts a percentage of each booking, and Booking charges accommodations a commission on completed reservations.


Our Work System

Collaborative Creativity - The Birth of Ideas

At Apiiz, our work system is a journey filled with creative energy.

We begin with the exciting stage of concept and characterization.

Our product and UX teams come together to brainstorm ideas based on research insights.

We explore what screens, processes, or features would add value to our users and, if needed, outline the key features.

Inspiration Meets Innovation - Learning from the Best

Following this, we dive into the world of inspiration and market research. We study platforms that excel in similar endeavors, seeking the best solutions to address our challenges. It's like gathering a treasure trove of 'newspaper clippings,' comprised of insights from our inspirations and existing platform components. We define how users will seamlessly navigate to these new elements.

Bringing Concepts to Life - Design Magic

This treasure chest of ideas then makes its way to our UXUI team, where our talented designers bring concepts to life. They infuse our platform's colors and meticulously craft prototypes. It's the artistic touch that transforms ideas into visual delights.

Bringing It All Together - Collaboration is Key

The next step is a meeting between our design and product teams. We gather to ensure that what we've envisioned aligns with what's been designed. It's a dynamic brainstorming session that keeps us on track and guarantees that we're creating exactly what we've characterized.

The Continuous Conversation - Ongoing Feedback

Throughout this journey, our development and QA teams are actively engaged. They offer insights, flag potential challenges, and prepare databases in advance. By the time the UI is ready, they're already halfway there.

Unity in Progress - Involving Everyone

At Apiiz, we believe in involving everyone in every step. That's why we maintain an open and collaborative atmosphere. We have regular meetings — between 7 and 12 every week — where our teams discuss progress, share insights, and work together. Plus, we hold fun in-person gatherings where we not only discuss the way forward but also bond as a team because, in our book, a cohesive team is a winning team.

Competitors Research

Direct Competitors

Established Billboard Companies


  • Established companies have longstanding relationships and recognition in the outdoor advertising industry.

  • Established advertising firms offer deep industry insight and proven strategies for impactful and personalized campaigns.


  • Traditional companies may have limited digital capabilities, resulting in less efficient transaction processes.


  • Established billboard companies limit campaign flexibility to their existing inventory, constraining advertisers from creating diverse, tailored campaigns with various sign types, impeding a versatile outdoor advertising approach.

  • Extended sales processes at established billboard companies, marked by negotiations and approvals, disrupt advertisers' capacity to swiftly launch campaigns, affecting timely promotional opportunities

Television Commercial Advertising


  • Television commercials have the potential to reach a broad and diverse audience.

  • Visually engaging commercials can create a strong impact, some times even more to the visual appeal of billboard advertising.

  • Television commercials enables brands to use storytelling in their ads, allowing them to convey a more complete and engaging story.


  • Television commercials may lack the precise geographic targeting that outdoor billboards offer.


  • (-) Creating and airing television commercials can be more expensive compared to billboard advertising especially for the advertising companies.

  • (-) The pervasive use of ad-skipping technologies, including repeat broadcasts, streaming, and DVRs, eliminates advertisers chances to effectively capture audience attention.

Indirect Competitors

Social Media Advertising Platforms


  • Social media platforms have billions of active users, providing a vast audience for advertisers.

  • Advertisers can target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, enhancing the precision of ad delivery.

  • Social media platforms offer detailed analytics, allowing advertisers to measure engagement, clicks, and conversions.


  • Increased competition on social media may lead to ad fatigue and reduced effectiveness.

  • Changes in algorithms can impact the organic reach of ads and require constant adaptation.

  • Ad costs on social media platforms can vary, and increased competition may drive up prices.

Digital Marketing Agencies


  • Digital marketing agencies offer end-to-end solutions, including strategy, creative, and execution.

  • Advertisers benefit from the expertise of marketing professionals who can tailor strategies to specific needs.

  • Agencies can coordinate various marketing channels for a cohesive and integrated campaign.


  • Comprehensive services from agencies often come with higher costs compared to self-managed advertising.

  • Misalignment in communication or understanding may occur between advertisers and agency teams.

  • Advertisers may be subject to the agency's timelines, potentially affecting campaign responsiveness.

Screen Analysis -Product Addition Process

Upload Type

This page serves as the initial step in the sign uploading process on our platform. Here, outdoor signage companies, the sellers, can begin listing their signs for sale. 
Users on this page select their preferred upload method.

Upload Type 1 mockup.png

1. Listing Methods

Solo - This is the simplest method and serves as the initial option for users. They can upload a single sign, providing all the relevant data throughout the process. Once completed, their sign enters the system, enabling them to start selling it.

Multiple - With this method, users can upload several signs simultaneously. While not fully characterized yet, it will allow users to input sign details into a table, and with our customer service's assistance, all signs can be uploaded within a few business days. This option was developed in response to the need for signage companies with a large inventory, where uploading one sign at a time could be time-consuming.

Duplicate - This method, still under development, is designed for users who already have at least one sign on the platform. Users can duplicate an existing sign and make minor modifications, streamlining the process for signs that are very similar but differ in small details, such as location, name, or price. This method aims to simplify the upload process and enhance efficiency for our users.

Industry-Driven Design

During the development of this screen, we drew inspiration from the current industry and adhered to prevailing market standards and conventions for adding a product processes.

Much like the adding product processes on platforms such as Yad2 to help the users understand what needs to be done from the very first moment

Group 2608955.png

2. Progress Clarity

We've added progress bars on each screen to guide users through the process, helping them track where they are and what's left to complete. This improves user experience and lowers the chance of users quitting midway

Group 26089482.png

Billboard Type

In this stage, users who have selected the "Solo" sign upload method are prompted to indicate the sign type, choosing between "Digital" and "Printed" billboards type.

(It's worth noting that we currently do not support "3D" signs on our platform yet).

Billboard Type 1.png

1. What’s your type?

Our research findings have identified three distinct sign categories, Print signs, which are traditional and physical, Digital signs, which encompass electronic displays, and 3D signs, which include three-dimensional, eye-catching designs (which we currently do not yet support).

Billboard Type 2.png

2. Guidance

Within the user interface, we've included two essential components. The first is the "Save and Exit" button, which recognizes that adding a product can be a process that takes time process. Users can now pause their work and return to it later.

The second component is the "Question" button, designed to enhance the user experience. It provides a way for users to seek guidance and address questions or concerns with us and other sellers on the platform.

Billboard Type 3.png

Billboard Area

On this page, we request our users to specify the area of the billboard. This screen holds significant importance on our platform as it enables us to provide tailored recommendations, creating filters, and sorting options for various sign types. It help the buyers in finding the perfect sign that aligns perfectly with their needs.

Billboard Area.png

1. Segmented Reach

Within the realm of billboard areas, a diverse landscape unfolds, encompassing airports, gyms, and major roadways. By strategically categorizing these distinct areas, users can effortlessly target their preferred audience for ad exposure. This classification of billboard areas enhances the user experience, enabling a personalized approach to engaging with their audience.

Area Type Singuler.png

Billboard Location

In this screen, sellers pinpoint the precise location and address of their billboard, and also specify the estimated exposure range for it. Based on our research, we understand that every signage company can provide an approximate exposure range, a valuable metric for buyers when comparing different signs.

Billboard Location.png

1. Sign Location Challenges

Our research has highlighted the challenges associated with defining the location of various billboards. Signage locations can vary widely, including those with well-established addresses (like signs within shopping malls), signs situated along specific roads in particular directions (intercity billboards), and even signs that lack a single fixed address due to their mobility (like signs on buses).


While we aim to address all these scenarios in the future, at this stage, we are primarily focused on supporting signs with clear and widely recognized addresses, such as those located within gyms, clubs, stadiums, and similar venues.

Billboard Location 2.png

2. Pin-Point Feature

Teaser for an Upcoming Feature: In this upcoming feature, users will have the ability to mark their sign's location by dropping a pin on the map, accurately indicating its specific position.

small map.png

3. Daily Exposure

Within our process, Sellers are invited to share the Average Daily Exposure of their signs. Extensive research revealed that companies often present a range of exposures for their signs. This variance serves as a valuable Decision Indicator, empowering Buyers to make thoughtful comparisons and informed choices when considering sign purchases

Average Exposure Per Day.png

Billboard Ratios

The users choose the size and resolution of their digital billboard. This screen provides standard size options but also allow custom choices if none match their need.


1. Optimal Selection

Our decision to offer users a variety of size options is driven by thorough research and a strong commitment to explaining the rationale behind these choices, rather than simply presenting the feature's functionality. These size options are selected based on their common usage in the digital signage industry.

Choose your billboard dimensions.png

2. Customized Selection

In both choices, for screen size and resolution, we provide a "Custom" option for users to select the size and resolution that best fits their needs.

Group 2608898.png

Billboard Pricing

This page empowers Sellers to set sign prices, enabling discounts and promotions based on the Buyer's campaign duration.

Billboard Pricing 1.png
Group 2608974.png

1. Smart Pricing

Here, users initially set a one-day price, which can be extended for additional days if needed. Recognizing the complexity of pricing, we provide assistance by sharing the average market price for a sign similar to theirs, based on the data they've provided, to simplify their decision-making process and facilitate an easy choice.

2. New Seller Incentives - Early Buyer Benefits

Furthermore, recognizing the challenge Sellers face when trying to sell new signs without prior reviews, we offer the option to grant a discount to the first three Buyers who make a purchase.

This approach encourages sellers to gather ratings and feedback, while also providing buyers with an opportunity to try a new signs at a price below the market rate.

Book Faster.png

3. Discount Configuration

After selecting the "Add Price" button, users can assign prices to different campaign durations, ensuring accurate pricing based on the chosen campaign duration for their sign.

Here we also provide the Sellers with a recommended average price range based on the data they've provided, tailored to the selected time range for applying discounts.

Furthermore, users have the flexibility to define a custom price range using the 'Custom' button

Additionally, Sellers can set a new price for their new sign during that chosen time range, expressing it as a percentage adjustment to the daily price, rather than inputting specific numerical values

Group 2608896.png

Billboard Description

In this step, the user supplies details regarding their sign, uploads images to illustrate its appearance, selects a name for the sign, crafts a brief description, and includes pertinent tags.


1. Your Billboard Image

Here, users have the option to upload a picture of their sign control and select the thumbnail image that, in their opinion, best represents their sign.

Billboard Description 3.png

It’s better to upload several pictures of the same billboard from several angles

2. Maximizing Ad Impact

The tags the Sellers add will help buyers find and understand what's around the billboard to make their ads work better. These tags provide useful information and opportunities, so buyers can make smart choices, improve their strategies, and create ads that work well in their specific location.

Billboard Description 2.png

Tool Tips

We created our tool tips to elevate our user experience by offering quick insights on hover, enhancing clarity and guiding users.

Info - Pictures and Description Page.png

Billboard Cancellation Policy

On this screen, sellers can define their cancellation policy, including the associated fee for late cancellations.

Billboard Cancellation Policy.png

1. Cancellation Policy Setup

Sellers have the option to offer buyers a free cancellation with the possibility of imposing a late cancellation fee.

Billboard Cancellation Policy 2.png

2. Cancellation Policy Setup

Alternatively, sellers can specify a no-cancellation policy after the purchase, with any cancellation incurring a subsequent fee.

Billboard Cancellation Policy 3.png
Done Stage 1.png

Done Stage

This marks the final step in the process, where sellers are notified that their sign has successfully completed the process and is ready for upload.

Notably, in the future, instead of an icon, a full-page preview resembling the product page on the buyer's end will be displayed. This will allow sellers to visualize how their sign will be presented to potential buyers to make sure it accurately represents their product.

Design Language

Colors choice

The design language is clean but has a young edge.

The primary colors are magenta and a gradient of pink and orange.

The main values of Apiiz are innovation, efficiency, reliability, and accessibility.

The combination of orange, magenta, and pink represents the innovative energy we wanted to bring to the table, it combines the new and the previous world of the mechanic approach.

The orange color represents the optimistic efficiency.

It is a warm color that provides the ability to trust.
The light pink is for the softness and accessibility, it appears in little touch in the app.
The gradient appears when something exciting happens, like finishing uploading a sign or ordering a campaign.


Font style

Libre Franklin

Behind the Logo

The name "Apis" derives its inspiration from Greek mythology, where "Apis" is the angelic bridge between mortals and the gods. Much like Apis, our platform serves as a connection between sellers and buyers in the realm of outdoor signage.

The reference to the god Apis, symbolized by a bull, is represented by ain the horn-like elements atop our logo.

The double "i" in our name signifies our dual role, bridging sellers and buyers, while the
"Z" at the end generates a buzz, Similar to the Buzz signs spark when used for marketing by businesses.

Our choice of vibrant, positive, and creative colors reflects our commitment to a fun and engaging user experience.

It mirrors the creativity integral to both our platform and the world of advertising.

Thanks for watching :)

More to be coming..

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