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Hi I'm Itay Habert, a UX/UI designer

I really love working with The Beatles songs playing in the background


Easy Trip

UX/UI App design

An app that plans personalized trips and connects you with other travelers.

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A groundbreaking system that boosts billboard companies' outreach and efficiency while enabling advertisers to create impactful campaigns with ease.


UX/UI App design

A marketplace that allows you to buy,
Sell and rent second-hand products, and helps private individuals make more money.

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Hi, I’m Itay

During my graphic design studies at John Bryce School,

I discovered my passion for UX/UI design.

While working as a graphic designer, I completed a UX/UI course for designers at Netcraft Academy.

With two years of experience in a B2B & B2C company, where I created materials for digital print and social media, I bring valuable experience working in them, managers, programmers, and sales teams.

I am skilled at transforming creative ideas into reality through research and design thinking. I'm always eager to learn and grow both personally and professionally.

Outside of design The Beatles' songs always get me in the mood while I work.

I love playing the guitar and piano, Photography, hanging out with friends, and playing on the Sony PlayStation.

My Skills

My value


Committed to delivering high-quality work with dedication and perseverance.


Innovative problem-solver with a keen eye for aesthetics and design.

Constantly learning

Passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

Time management

Efficient multitasker who prioritizes tasks and meets deadlines consistently.


User-focused designer who understands and prioritizes user needs and feedback.

User centric

Dedicated to creating designs that provide a positive user experience.

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